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AutoNEX Workshop

Automobile Mechanics And IC Engine Design

This workshop is designed to provide an insight view in the field of automotive and engine design to the students. All the concepts will be explained in detail with the Help of Theory and with Specially Designed Animations which would help the students to visualize things before actually practically working on it.

The topics to be discussed in AutoNEX are given below :-

  • Introduction
  • Types of locomotive vehicles
  • Chassis design
  • Suspension Unit
  • Spring Rate
  • Type of Suspension
  • Rear suspension –dependent type
  • Braking Unit
  • Types of Transmission system
  • Tires and Traction Control
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • This is a basic level workshop, so the prerequiste required will be zero.
  • Certification Policy'

    There will be three types of certificates

  • Certificate of Participation for all the workshop participants from EISystems
  • Workshop Handouts & Study Material
  • Comprehensive Study Material covering all the discussed topics in mannual form.
  • A free software toolkit from EISystems(if necessary).
  • Free Online Support Voucher from EISystems.
  • Payment Details & Registration Procedure

    Participants can choose from a variety of payment options available.

  • Deposit the required fees with your college coordinator/department and enlist your name in the registered participants list.
  • Or
  • Deposit the required amount in our ICICI Bank account and show the receipt on the day of workshop.
  • Or
  • Register on our website and we will assist you through out the process.