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SixthSense Robotics Workshop

A Workshop on Robotics based on Image Processing

EISystems Services brings you EISystems SixthSense Robotics Workshop with all the latest emerging technologies and fundamentals associated with robotics and mechatronix sector. This workshop is designed to provide the adequate knowledge to the aspiring robogeeks.
The Workshop has been designed by EISystems Services in synchronization with top experts of India and professionals from top companies of India.

The idea behind the workshop is to develop an interest among the upcoming engineers by giving them knowledge of various type of robots and their basic building. It also introduces them to the needs of the current mechatronix sector. In this workshop the participants will be told about all the latest technologies that are coming up in the Automation industry and also about controlling of their robots using Image Processing based applications along with basic building of each important module. Apart from all these the team will share the experiences of various projects which they had done in past and some of their current projects.

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Course Duration
To be covered in 13-16 hours in two days.

Eligibility Criteria
This is a basic level workshop, so the prerequiste required will be zero.

Certification Policy
Certificate of Participation for all the workshop participants from EISystems
Certification of Merit for selected participants from a competition held after each workshop(Top team).

Dates & Venue
Visit our Schedule Page for more details.

Workshop Fees & What you get after workshop?(Per Group)
Pay Rupees __ per participantfor a group of 4 or 5 participants.
Get FREE! Comprehensive Study Material covering all the discussed topics in mannual form.
Get FREE! software toolkit from EISystems(if necessary).
Get FREE! Online Support Voucher from EISystems (EISyslife Card).
Hometake away Complimentary Robotics Development kit
All delivers in a group except EISyslife Card

Topics to be covered in SixthSense Workshop
SESSION 1 # Basic Building Session (My First Robot)
• Electronics Components related to robotics systems.
• Basic Circuit Modules like (Voltage Regulation, Motor Driver etc.)
• Choosing the electronics components & assembly for purpose
• What are Integrated Circuits? Which ICs are commonly used and How?
• What are Photo sensors?

SESSION 2 # Software & Hardware Integration Session
• What is Microcontroller? • Difference between microcontroller and micro processor with live examples?
• Microcontroller Architecture and interfacing
• How can we use a microcontroller in our own circuits?
• Microcontroller Programming in 'C'
• Writing your First ‘C’ Program in AVR Studio
• Compilation and debugging • Loading Compiled ‘C’ Program on a Microcontroller using AVRDude.

SESSION 3 # Creative Mind & Sensor Working Session
Development of Line Follower Robot
• What is a line follower robot
• Testing of line follower
• How to make it move faster Development of a Edge Avoider Robot
• What is edge avoider robot.
• Development and Testing of Final Circuit

SESSION 4 # Introduction to Image Processing
• Different types of sensors
• Advantage of camera vision
• Need for image processing
• Introduction to MATLAB
• Signal Representation Matrix and Arrray Operations Functions in MATLAB

SESSION 6 and 7 # Image Information & its processing
• Reading and writing an image Capturing an Image Concepts like Luminance, Hue, Intensity Color spaces
• Understanding Image Parameters
• Finding Pixel Value Operations in Pixel Value
• Enhance Images Thresholding
• Edge Detection Motion detection
• Hands On Counting number of objects in an image Controlling laptop completely using your webcam
• Debugging and enhancing program performance

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Workshop Manager, EISystems