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Surface Computing/Touchscreen Workshop

A Workshop on Surface Computing & Touchscreen Making.

About Surface Computing
Surface computing is the term for the use of a specialized computer GUI in which traditional GUI elements are replaced by intuitive, everyday objects. Instead of a keyboard and mouse, the user interacts directly with a touch-sensitive screen. It has been said that this more closely replicates the familiar hands-on experience of everyday object manipulation

About Workshop
My Touchscreen is a workshop based on making of touchscreen devices using the concept of Surface Computing conceptualized by some top industry professionals in association with EISystems Services . It is going to be India's first & biggest workshop series based on this new means of physical computing. My Touchscreen in its very first edition is going to be huge and grand covering over 450 engineering colleges across India. It is expected to attract more than 5000 participants from different parts of the country.

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Content Outline
Introduction to MyTouchScreen workshop
Introduction to Matlab and image processing
Hardware Technologies Optical Technologies
Camera Hack
Image processing using matlab Operating laptop using LED pen
webcam and matlab Diffused Illumination
Introduction to various application softwares
Building TGTouch Mini Frustrated Total Internal Reflection
How to use projected image from projector as touchscreen
Building TGTouch Table V1 Various flash applications using multitouch
1. Smoke
2. Fire
3. Multikey
4. Paint
5. Ripples
6. Bloom
7. Gesture

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Eligibility Criteria
This is a basic level workshop, so the prerequiste required will be zero, but a little knowledge of any programming language will be helpful.

Certification Policy'
EISystems Certified Touch Technology Expert- Level 1

Workshop Handouts & Study Material (For a team of 4 or 5 student)
Comprehensive Study Material covering all the discussed topics in mannual form.
A free software toolkit from EISystems(if necessary).
Free Online Support Voucher from EISystems.
A Touchscreen Development Kit

Contact Us
Mayur Dev Sewak
Workshop Manager, EISystems

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  • What is Surface Computer?
  • Jefferson Han : Father of Surface Computing
  • Multitouch Technology
  • Documentation: Surface Computing
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