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Website Development with SEO & SMO Workshop

A Workshop on Website Development with SEO, SMO & Ecommerce Process Development

ad About Website Development Workshop
A good website is a window to the internet world. Creating a website for internet drives a company to embrace the global compatibility. In the future, web development will certainly spread out to modern horizons with customer oriented strategy as well as cut throat levels of competition. EISystems brings forth 'Web Development' workshop for a solid understanding of the Web Design and Development Techniques to the key design issues and focus your creativity.

ad Content Outline
1. What is Internet of Things?
2. Introduction to Microcontrollers & Basic Electronics
3. Sensors & Reading realtime values
4. PDA Connecting Process
5. Localhost Webserver & Ethernet Module
6. Communication with Cloud
7. Data Transmission
8. Updation of Sensor Values on Social Networks
9. COntrolling of Devices using Internet
10.Projects based on IoT

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ad Eligibility Criteria
This is a basic level workshop, so the prerequiste required will be zero, but a little knowledge of any programming language will be helpful.

ad Workshop Handouts & Study Material
1) Certificate of Participation to every attending participant.
2) A EISx IoT Kit to be delivered in a group of 4 or 5 participants.
3) EISystems Voucher Worth Rs. 1000 to every participant.

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